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Zetas March on Washington
Courageous Zeta Members like Clara Mae Luper, known as the "Mother of Civil Rights Movement," led the nationally publicized sit-in in Oklahoma City in 1958. Today, Zetas are still fighting for justice and equality in the communities we serve.

Arizona Cleaver Stemons House Fundraiser
The Arizona Cleaver Stemons House was purchased by the Atlantic Region in 1982, on October 27, 1989, Beta Delta Zeta Chapter became the owners and caretakers of the home where our beloved Founder resided for over 52 years.

is the oldest alumnae chapter in Pennsylvania. Beta Delta Zeta continues its commitment over six decades to community service.

Beta Delta Zeta Chapter, an organization of more than 100 members, is a premiere service chapter, having been trailblazers on every level of the sisterhood and among the Philadelphia Greek-letter community for 65 years.

The chapter owns the home of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority's Founder and First National President, Arizona Cleaver Stemons. The Founder’s House is located at 1915 Federal Street in South Philadelphia and is where Soror Stemons resided for 52 years. The property is managed by the chapter’s Board of Trustees.


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